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SH800Z Cell Sorter
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SH800Z Cell Sorter
SH800Z Cell Sorter
  • A compact 55 cm x 55 cm x 72 cm (B x W x H) footprint to fit easily on the bench top.
  • Automated Setup including optical and fluidic adjustments and sort monitoring to deliver consistency and simplify operation.
  • Novel microfluidics sorting chip and comprehensive fluidics controls to simplify sorting.
  • Optional custom biosafety cabinet that meets industry standards for personnel and product protection.
Sorting Made Simple™ with innovative technologies.

The SH800Z cell sorter features a novel microfluidics sorting chip integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls to simplify system and sort setup. The versatile design features a compact footprint (width- 55 cm x breadth- 55 cm x height- 72 cm) and built-in automation to provide ease of operation.

A flexible optical design offers up to 4 collinear excitation lasers (488 nm, 405nm, 561nm and 638nm) and 6 fluorescence detectors. The six free-form PMTs enable detection of fluorescence signals from any laser based on filter selection.

From system set-up to acquisition, sort and analysis the SH800Z features automation that simplifies operational workflow. Sorting into tubes and a range of multi-well plates is fully supported. System software is easy to understand and intuitive. The software is intuitive and generates FCS 3.0 and FCS 3.1 files that also can be exported to third party analysis tools.

A Class A2, Level II biosafety cabinet custom designed for SH800Z provides protection for both personnel and products. The cabinet has been verified to meet National Sanitation Foundation International Standard 49 (NSF49), the European Standard 12469 and several other international biosafety standards.

SH800Z supports a broad range of sorting applications to meet research needs making it an excellent fit for both individual labs and core labs.